Jaroslav Iwaszkiewicz and Russian Literature

The book reveals a relationship between the literary output of Jaroslav Iwaszkiewicz and the Russian literature. During his trips abroad, the author collected materials describing the reception of the writer’s literary output in Russia and Ukraine and this is where the concept of this work emerged from. The author investigated the existence of images and motifs from the poems of Alexander Blok in the prose and poetry of Iwaszkiewicz. He also carried out an interpretation of various aspects of the Italian myth in their poetry. While commenting on the short story by Iwaszkiewicz „Anna Grazzi”, the researcher referred to the Russian philosophy. In the chapter „Leo Tolstoy in the literary output of Jaroslav Iwaszkiewicz”, he compared the family situation of Tolstoy and Tadeusz Zamoylla, the character of „Pasje błędomierskie” („Błędomierz Passions”). In his analysis the author also took into consideration the biography of Iwaszkiewicz. At the end of the book, we can find a text devoted to the selected threads from the Diaries of the writer.

Eugeniusz Sobol was born in 1971 in Kyiv. He is a graduate of the Polish Philology at the University of Gdańsk. He has Ph.D. degree. In 2012, his short story collection „Killer” was published by the publishing house „Forma”. He publishes articles and reviews of books on literature, history and Eastern affairs in the following magazines: “Nowe Książki”, “Nowa Europa Wschodnia”, “Novaya Polsha”, “Odra”, “Twórczość” and “Bliza”. He is a scholarship holder of the Bureau for Academic Recognition and International Exchange at the Ministry of National Education, as well as a scholarship holder of the city of Gdańsk (2012) and of the Pomeranian Province Marshal (2014). He is an author of the blog “Literatura na Wschodzie” (Literature in the East) (poezja.wordpress.com).

In my opinion, the most interesting chapter in the treatise is the one titled Jaroslav Iwaszkiewicz and the Russian symbolism: Alexander Blok and Vladimir Solovyov. This chapter contains comprehensively described ideological background and explanations. In these explanations the author interprets some particular excerpts of works.

From a review of prof. Piotr Mitzner

I appreciate the mastery of Eugeniusz Sobol in the area of interpretation and I highly assess the quality of the language in his book. I was reading not only with interest, but also with pleasure. The work is excellent and constitutes a very important contribution to the research on Iwaszkiewicz, and also a reflection on the Russian-Polish relations and on the presence of Russia and its authors in the Polish literature.

From a review of prof. Tadeusz Sucharski

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