George G. Grabowicz, The Unknown Shevchenko. Essays on the Poet’s Symbolic Autobiography and Reception

In the new issue of New Eastern Europe 1/2015 you can read my review of George G. Grabowicz’s book “The Unknown Shevchenko. Essays on the Poet’s Symbolic Autobiography and Reception”. (Second edition, revised and expanded. Publisher: Krytyka, Kyiv 2014; Григорій Грабович, Шевченко, якого не знаємо. З проблематики символічної автобіографії та сучасної рецепції поєта). „After having read this book, I believe that Grabowicz has set for himself an even greater aim, namely to de-Sovietise Ukrainian humanities and liberal arts and finally allow them to enter the global current of thought and intellectual discourse, and further to change some tools and terminology of academic research. Undoubtedly, this process has already taken place in some areas of Ukrainian literary studies but Shevchenko studies have, for many reasons, remained a very conservative branch, insensitive even to the earlier social transformations which took place in Ukraine”. (part of the review).

Cały tekst dostępny jest w książce „Mozaika Europy Wschodniej”



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