Sergei Loiko, Airport

In the last issue of New Eastern Europe 2/2016 you can read my review of Sergei Loiko’s book „Airport” (Aеропорт, Брайт Стар, Kyiv, 2015). „Ukrainian literature has been blindly trying to find a proper way to express the realites of the war in Ukraine. One of the most notable books in this regard is the recently published „Airport” by Sergei Loiko. Loiko attempts to interconnect several threads, some of which were key themes during the most intense times of the clashes between Ukraine and the Russian – supported separatists in the east. One is the reconstruction of the last five days of the battle for the Donetsk airport which was bravely defended by a small group of Ukrainian soldiers dubbed “cyborgs” between May 2014 and January 2015 (part of the review).



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