Boris Reitschuster, Putin’s Democratorship: A man of power and his system

In the newest issue of New Eastern Europe 6/2015 you can read my review „Russia’s Club Law” about „Putin’s Democratorship: A man of power and his system” by Boris Reitschuster (originally published in German as „Putins Demokratur. Ein Machtmensch und sein System”, Ullstein Buchverlage, Berlin 2014). „Reitschuster sees the origins of Vladimir Putin’s system of power in the traditions of the Soviet Union. However, he also believes that Putin’s style of rule is modern and perhaps even ahead of its time. The author concludes that post-modern nihilism has eroded western European morality. Relativism successfully found its place in the sphere of culture, but has not yet infiltrated politics as it is too strongly linked with the economy. Irrational thinking would be extremely dangerous in this case. Putin broke this taboo, Reitschuster argues, as he managed to impose a Manichean view of the world on Russian society as part of his domestic policy” (part of the review).

Cały tekst dostępny jest w książce „Mozaika Europy Wschodniej”